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  1. CP Glass Noodle With Baked Shrimp - 250G
    A Thai-style seasoned baked glass noodles, served with whole cooked shrimps, and topped with Shiitake mushroom and celery. Learn More
  2. CP Shrimp Wonton Noodle With Vegetable - 219G
    Shrimp wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet served in a delicious savory soup along with a new and improved noodle and crips vegetable, making this dish a great balanced and wholesome meal Learn More
    A gourmet Italian-style meal made from tomato and premium ground chicken, served with perfectly-cooked spaghetti.  Learn More
    Made from the finest quality chicken, CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick is marinated in hot and spicy Mexican-style ingredients. Learn More
  5. CP Chicken Gyoza - 400G
    CP Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality chicken and vegetables wrapped in a delicate thin pastry sheet. The best-selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. One of our healthy choices to enjoy. - Contains traces of pork. Learn More
  6. CP Shrimp Wonton Box - 154G
    A simple and delicious shrimp delicacy that warms you and keeps you slurping delightfully. Best prepared as part of your steamboat feast with a soup base, CP Shrimp Wonton leaves you satisfied and asking for more. Learn More
  7. CP Crispy Chicken With Korean Hot And Spicy Sauce - 380G
    Inspired by the popular Korean snack – Yangnyeom Dak (seasoned fried chicken), every piece of tender CP chicken mid-joint wing is seasoned with spices and coated with a thin crispy layer of crust. Learn More
  8. CP Honey Wings - 380G
    The CP Honey Wings, as its name suggests, are the best-selected middle wings, juicily marinated with a special blend of sauce and coated with sweet honey. The product contains no preservatives. Learn More
  9. KITCHEN JOY Chicken Nuggets - 750G
    Made from chicken breast meat and coated with KJ's superior battered. The special batter used allows the crunch on the outside while retaining the tenderness of the chicken meat. This makes it another tasty snack for everyone to enjoy. Learn More
  10. CP Jumbo Wonton - 194G
    CP Jumbo Wonton is made with big farmed raised shrimp which leave you mesmerised when you bite into the wonton. The Jumbo Wonton is delicately wrapped in a pastry parcel served along a simple yet delightful soup. Learn More

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