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CP Chicken Cake - 350G


Unlike other snacks like fries and wedges which may contains lots of carbohydrate and fat, New CP Chicken Roll contains real chicken meat in dried bean curd skin wrapping which is a great source of protein for your body. The new chicken roll uses all natural chicken, seasoned with aromatic peppers and Southern Chinese-style seasonings, and then mixed with fresh carrot, corn, mushroom and spring onion. It is carefully wrapped with high-protein dried bean curd skin while other common Asian snack roll use high-carb flour wrap.


Halal certified by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT)


Deep-fry: Deep-fry the product (10-14 pieces) at 180°C for 3.30-4.30 minutes or until golden brown.

Microwave: Place the product (10-14 pieces) onto a microwaveable dish and defrost in microwave for 2.00 minutes. Oven: Bake the product (10-14 pieces) in preheated oven at 200°C for 10.00-12.00 minutes.

Steam: Steam the product (10-14 pieces) for 5.00-7.00 minutes.

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