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KITCHEN JOY Taro And Gingko Bun - 210G


Made from the finest ingredients, the soft springy bun is filled with smooth texture of the earthy taro paste. Stray chunks of tasty taro and ginko nuts within the paste makes every bite even more delicious. COOKING METHODS Microwave: 1. Cut the bag open. 2. Put the whole packaging into the microwave without thawing. 3. Microwave the product on high (900 watts) for 1.45 minutes. Steam: 1. Remove the product from the package without thawing. 2. Please the product onto the steaming tray. 3.Steam the product for 8 minutes. Deep Fry: 1. Defrost the product by keeping it in a fridge overnight. 2. Fill up 3/4 of the fryer with oil (Vegetable oil is highly recommended). 3. Deep fry the product in 180°C oil for 1 minute. 4. Flip the product and fry for another 1.30 minutes or until golden brown.

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