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  1. CP Shrimp Wonton Noodle With Vegetable - 219G
    Shrimp wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet served in a delicious savory soup along with a new and improved noodle and crips vegetable, making this dish a great balanced and wholesome meal Learn More
  2. CP Glass Noodle With Baked Shrimp - 250G
    A Thai-style seasoned baked glass noodles, served with whole cooked shrimps, and topped with Shiitake mushroom and celery. Learn More
  3. CP Spaghetti With Chicken Sauce - 320G
    A gourmet Italian-style meal made from tomato and premium ground chicken, served with perfectly-cooked spaghetti.  Learn More
    Made from the finest quality chicken, CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick is marinated in hot and spicy Mexican-style ingredients. Learn More
  5. CP Chicken Gyoza - 400G
    CP Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality chicken and vegetables wrapped in a delicate thin pastry sheet. The best-selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. One of our healthy choices to enjoy. - Contains traces of pork. Learn More
  6. CP Shrimp Wonton Box - 154G
    A simple and delicious shrimp delicacy that warms you and keeps you slurping delightfully. Best prepared as part of your steamboat feast with a soup base, CP Shrimp Wonton leaves you satisfied and asking for more. Learn More
  7. CP Crispy Chicken With Korean Hot And Spicy Sauce - 380G
    Inspired by the popular Korean snack – Yangnyeom Dak (seasoned fried chicken), every piece of tender CP chicken mid-joint wing is seasoned with spices and coated with a thin crispy layer of crust. Learn More
  8. CP Jumbo Wonton - 194G
    CP Jumbo Wonton is made with big farmed raised shrimp which leave you mesmerised when you bite into the wonton. The Jumbo Wonton is delicately wrapped in a pastry parcel served along a simple yet delightful soup. Learn More
  9. CP Honey Wings - 380G
    The CP Honey Wings, as its name suggests, are the best-selected middle wings, juicily marinated with a special blend of sauce and coated with sweet honey. The product contains no preservatives. Learn More
  10. CP Clear Chicken Broth Box of 6 -1200ml
    CP chicken broth is simmered from fresh whole chicken with vegetables. Lightly seasoned and filtered to give a rich yet clear and fat free concentrate soup. Each packet is equivalent to 500ml of stock with added 300ml of water. It will be a perfect start for all your soups, stews, sauces and more. EACH BOX CONSISTS OF 6 PACKS Learn More

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