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  1. KITCHEN JOY Teriyaki Chicken Burger - 165G
    KITCHEN JOY Teriyaki Chicken Burger - 165G Learn More
  2. CP Pizza Pocket - 200G
    Mini puff stuffed with chicken and cheese in tomato sauce Learn More
  3. CP Stir-Fried Chicken And Basil With Rice - 320G
    Premium ground chicken stir-fried with Basil herbs and various spices, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  4. CP Spaghetti With Chicken Sauce - 320G
    A gourmet Italian-style meal made from tomato and premium ground chicken, served with perfectly-cooked spaghetti.  Learn More
  5. CP Teriyaki Chicken With Rice - 320G
    A Japanese-style premium tender chicken glazed with sweet soy sauce, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  6. CP Chicken Green Curry With Rice - 320G
    Green curry paste with coconut milk, premium chicken and various aromatic herbs, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  7. CP Skinless Pepper Kicks - 280G
    Marinated in a special blend of sauce to give a unique taste. This recipe includes black pepper kernels for that distinctive herb aroma. Learn More
    Made from the finest quality chicken, CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick is marinated in hot and spicy Mexican-style ingredients. Learn More
  9. CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chive - 407G
    CP Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality meat and vegetables wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet. The best selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. One of our healthy choices to enjoy. Learn More
  10. CP Japanese Golden Crispy - 350G
    Each piece is made from whole chunks of chicken meat well marinated with finest ingredients. Learn More

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