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  1. CP Pizza Pocket - 200G
    Mini puff stuffed with chicken and cheese in tomato sauce Learn More
  2. CP Spaghetti With Chicken Sauce - 320G
    A gourmet Italian-style meal made from tomato and premium ground chicken, served with perfectly-cooked spaghetti.  Learn More
  3. CP Teriyaki Chicken With Rice - 320G
    A Japanese-style premium tender chicken glazed with sweet soy sauce, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  4. CP Chicken Green Curry With Rice - 320G
    Green curry paste with coconut milk, premium chicken and various aromatic herbs, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  5. CP Stir-Fried Chicken And Basil With Rice - 320G
    Premium ground chicken stir-fried with Basil herbs and various spices, served with Jasmine rice. Learn More
  6. CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza - 350G
    The CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza is made from tender chicken and cabbage wrapped in a thin crispy coating. Learn More
  7. CP Chicken Gyoza - 400G
    CP Gyoza is made from fresh high-quality chicken and vegetables wrapped in a delicate thin pastry sheet. The best-selected ingredients and the right thickness of the pastry deliver the original Japanese style dumpling with well-blended taste and fantastic aroma. One of our healthy choices to enjoy. - Contains traces of pork. Learn More
  8. CP Tempura Chicken - 350G
    We use only high quality of chicken meat blended marvelously with the finest ingredients. Learn More
  9. CP Skinless Glazed Teriyaki - 280G
    Made using whole chicken leg meat, the product contains no preservatives. Learn More
  10. CP Tsukune Chicken Meatballs with Teriyaki Sauce - 400G

    CP Tsukune is made from chicken meat, shaped into Japanese style meatball which is chunky & juicy. It goes perfectly well with our Teriyaki sauce. Authentic Japanese taste with teriyaki sauce included.

    Learn More

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