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CP Shrimp Mandoo Bundle of 2 - 460g

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Cooking Instruction:


Put mandoo into microwavable container and cover it. Use 800W for

- 4pcs in 1 mins 40 s

- 6pcs in 2 mins 20 s

- 8pcs in 3 mins

Adjust heating time according to different quantity.



1. Pour water into steamer.

2. Place frozen mandoo into stamer when water boils.

3. Steam over medium heat for approximately 9 mins with cover.


Pan Fry:

1. Add oil into frying pan. Use medium heat to cook mandoo for 2 mins.

2. Pour water to cover the bottom of mandoo. Use medium heat and cover the pan.

3. Cook till water evaporate and the bottom of mandoo become golden.



Shrimp, Wheat Flour, Bamboo Shoot, Water, Fish, Vegetable Oil, Cassava Starch, Modified Starched, Sugar, Flavoring Enchancer, Salt, White Pepper, Humectant, Acidity Regulator.

Product from China

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