PRIME100 Lamb Barf 600g (Chilled)

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PRIME100 Lamb Barf 600g (Chilled)

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Prime100 BARF™ is a natural diet designed by nature. This Single Protein diet is a complete and balanced meal made from "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” and comprises of all natural ingredients. Each Prime100 BARF™ portion contains Prime cuts of lamb muscle and organ meat from a single meat protein source, bone, selected nutritional fruits and vegetables, natural omega 3 and 6 oils, added amino acids and essential nutrients for muscular development. Enriched with Omega 6 fatty acids to help nourish your dog’s skin and coat. With added natural digestive enzymes to help improve gastrointestinal health and animal wellbeing. Completely balanced for dogs of all ages.

This Prime100 product has no added preservatives and no artificial colours and flavours.


Ingredients: lamb muscle meat, lamb offal, lamb bone, pumpkin, sweet potato, flaxseed, yogurt, spinach, apples, fish oil, carrots, seaweed extract, probiotics


Feeding Guide: 200 to 400g daily per 10kg of body weight.

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