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  1. KITCHEN JOY Shrimp Burger - 125G
    KJ Shrimp Burger is made from succulent farmed raised shrimp battered and fried into a Shrimp Patty, served with Mayo Sauce spread Learn More
  2. KITCHEN JOY Fish Burger - 112G
    KJ Fish Burger is made from sustainably farm raised Fish, battered and fried into a Fish Patty, served with Mayo Sauce spread. Learn More
  3. CP Shrimp Wonton Bowl - 145G
    Soft, tasty and crunchy with fresh and succulent shrimps, CP Shrimp Wonton Bowl is now served in a chilled version. This popular shrimp delicacy keeps you warm and slurping. Each bowl comes with a packet of chicken soup powder for convenient cooking. You will be enjoying the product in no time. Learn More
  4. CP Shrimp Wonton In Tom Yum Soup - 115G
    CP Shrimp Wonton in TomYum Soup is made with the freshest whole shrimp from our own farm wrapped in delicate wonton pastry parcels; served in a Tom Yum Soup made from a marvelous blend of fragrant herbs such as lemongrass, lime peel, galangal and shallots. Learn More
  5. CP Shrimp Wonton Noodle With Vegetable - 219G
    Shrimp wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet served in a delicious savory soup along with a new and improved noodle and crips vegetable, making this dish a great balanced and wholesome meal Learn More
  6. CP Glass Noodle With Baked Shrimp - 250G
    A Thai-style seasoned baked glass noodles, served with whole cooked shrimps, and topped with Shiitake mushroom and celery. Learn More
  7. AA Fish Patty - 312G
    Made from Real Fish Fillet. Approximately 6 pcs. COOKING METHOD: Deep-Fry, Microwave and Oven. Learn More
  8. CP Shrimp Wonton Box - 154G
    A simple and delicious shrimp delicacy that warms you and keeps you slurping delightfully. Best prepared as part of your steamboat feast with a soup base, CP Shrimp Wonton leaves you satisfied and asking for more. Learn More
  9. CP Jumbo Wonton - 194G
    CP Jumbo Wonton is made with big farmed raised shrimp which leave you mesmerised when you bite into the wonton. The Jumbo Wonton is delicately wrapped in a pastry parcel served along a simple yet delightful soup. Learn More
  10. AA Shrimp Patty - 330G

    Add a twist to your usual burger with succulent and scrumptious CP Shrimp patty, made with fresh and chunky shrimp that can be whipped up in minutes.
    Approximately 6 pcs

    Learn More

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