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  1. CP Clear Chicken Broth Concentrate - 200G
    Add 300ml of water to the Chicken Broth Concentrate for 1 serving. Learn More
  2. KITCHEN JOY Taro And Gingko Bun - 210G
    Made from the finest ingredients, the soft springy bun is filled with smooth texture of the earthy taro paste. Stray chunks of tasty taro and ginko nuts within the paste makes every bite even more delicious. Learn More
  3. CP Korean Vegetable Mandoo - 600G
    CP Korean Vegetable Mandoo (Dumpling) is made from selected fresh vegetables, which are wrapped in moon-shaped pastry sheets. Enjoy the wholesome texture and wonderful taste of this authentic Korean recipe. Learn More
  4. York Signature Hash Brown Potato Puff - 2270G
    Deep-Fry: Fry at 177°C for 2.00-4.00 minutes until golden brown. Drain on the paper towel. Learn More
  5. York Signature Zesty Potato Wedges Skin-On - 2000G
    Taste real potato with these spicy, skin-on wedges. The natural skin-on appearance offers unbeatable taste and healthier option as well. Learn More
  6. York Signature Hash Brown Triangle - 2270G
    York Signature is a leading French fry brand, made with premium Russet Burbank potatoes. Your favourite breakfast side in a distinctive triangle shape. Kids will love the unbeatable taste and dippable shapes of these delicious hashbrowns. Approximately 40-42pcs Learn More
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    Re-delivery Charges Learn More
  8. CP Clear Chicken Broth Box of 6 -1200G
    CP chicken broth is simmered from fresh whole chicken with vegetables. Lightly seasoned and filtered to give a rich yet clear and fat free concentrate soup. Each packet is equivalent to 500ml of stock with added 300ml of water. It will be a perfect start for all your soups, stews, sauces and more. EACH BOX CONSISTS OF 6 PACKS Learn More

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