Superior Taste Award 2022

CP Foods Thailand has bagged accolades for six of its products at the Superior Taste Award 2022, which is hosted by the prestigious International Institute of Taste. Three of the products are currently retailing in Singapore, which are as follows: MEAT ZERO’s Nuggets and Cooked Patty (Garlic & Herb) as well as Benja Chicken, the world’s first brown rice-fed chicken. The other three products are for CP sausages, which are not in Singapore currently.

The prestigious Superior Taste Award 2022 is an annual event held in Brussels, Belgium. The awards are certified by a jury of over 200 professional taste experts, who are members of esteemed chef and sommelier associations Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Milau. The awards mark the first time Thailand has won for its chicken meat and sausage products. They are also CP Foods Thailand’s first-ever wins, with Benja Chicken bagging two stars under the meat category as well as MEAT ZERO’s Nugget attaining three stars and Cooked Patty (Garlic & Herb) getting one star in the alternative meat category.

The scoring tiers are as follows:

  • 3 stars (Exceptional): Scoring above 90%
  • 2 stars (Remarkable): Scoring between 80% and 90%
  • 1 star (Notable): Scoring between 70% and 80%

Below are more information about the products available in Singapore.


MEAT ZERO — Affordable and Incredible-tasting Plant-based Meat Products

MEAT ZERO is one of Thailand’s best-selling plant-based meat products. It took more than two years to produce MEAT ZERO’s plant-based meat products and 2,000 experiments helmed by hundreds of researchers and teams from CPF Food Research and Development Centre. MEAT ZERO obtained the intellectual property right to the Plant-Tec innovation by partnering with world-class plant-based product manufacturer Fuji Oil from Japan and experts from the U.S and Taiwan. Traditionally, low-moisture extrusion is used to texturise protein into meat analogue. For MEAT ZERO, the high-moisture meat analogue process is used to texturise vegetable proteins into a product with a fibrous texture akin to animal meat. The appearances, mouthfeel and texture of the products are similar to those of real meat. They are of equal nutritional value. High-fibre, non-GMO soy — which keeps cholesterol levels in check — as well as pea, wheat and corn, are the key ingredients.


Nuggets 200g ($4.50): When deep- or air-fried to a golden-brown perfection, the nuggets have an airy crisp and a bite that is indistinguishable from the meat version. Pair it with roasted sweet potato fries for a guilt-free western-style meal!


Cooked Patty (Garlic & Herb) 240g ($4.50): With this offering, making katsu burger at home is a cinch. The crunchy crumb is infused with the sharp note of garlic and the fragrance of herbs. The cooked patty is high in protein and free of trans fat.


Benja Chicken — The World’s First Brown Rice-fed Chicken

Hailing from Thailand, this 100% natural product boasts a rich flavour profile, and is more tender and juicier than the market's chicken meat by up to 55%. The brand's offerings are wildly popular in Thailand and are preferred by chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Saneh Jaan, Siam Wisdom and Paste.

Benja Chicken uses an innovative animal feed to raise its chickens. The formula comprises specially selected brown rice grains, which are rich in Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, antioxidants and vitamins B3, B6 and B9. It also helps to strengthen the chickens' muscle structure. No growth hormone or antibiotic is added to the feed, which has been certified by the American NSF International.

An ethical company that is also a proponent of sustainability, Benja Chicken adheres to the Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare. The brand believes in cage-free farming — the chickens wander and roam freely around the farms, where the air and temperature are carefully controlled. The temperature is kept at 25 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature for chickens of all ages. They are also raised with clean water that has been purified by a filtering system. Periodically, the chickens undergo health checks to ensure they are in the pink of health. All these factors help contribute to the wonderful taste and high quality of the meat. 

Products available in Singapore include Chicken Skin-on Boneless Leg ($11.50), Chicken Skinless Boneless Leg ($10.50), and Chicken Skinless Boneless Breast ($12.90).

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