PRIME100 Lamb & Rosemary Cooked Roll 2kg (Chilled)

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PRIME100 Lamb & Rosemary Cooked Roll 2kg (Chilled)

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Single Protein Diet SPD™ Lamb and Rosemary roll is made with 100% Australian Lamb, Rosemary, Potato, Flaxseed oil and Vitamins and Minerals to provide a rich single source of protein which can assist dogs with food sensitivities. This roll is designed for Active Dogs and Puppies due to its higher energy content and rich source of calcium. Having a Single Protein Diet for dogs is the most ideal way to feed your dogs.

Mixed proteins can cause allergies such as Dermatitis and food intolerance. Rosemary is a novel ingredient can help with digestion and help alleviate muscle pain and boost the immune and circulatory system. Rosemary is also a good source of Iron, calcium and Vitamin B6. The Lamb in this product is sourced from human consumption Lamb facilities in Melbourne. Designed for active dogs and puppies, this roll is also completely balanced for all adult dogs.


Ingredients: Lamb, Potato Starch, Rosemary, Vitamins & Minerals, Flax Seed Oil, Salt.


Feeding Guide: 200 to 400g daily for every 10kg of dog's body weight

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