PRIME100 Sk-D200 Salmon & Tapioca Cooked Roll 2kg (Chilled)

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PRIME100 Sk-D200 Salmon & Tapioca Cooked Roll 2kg (Chilled)

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Products are sold in chilled condition, to be keep refrigerated below 4°C



Single Protein Diet Sk-D200™ Salmon & Tapioca is an Advance Novel Protein diet containing only salmon, tapioca, bamboo fibre, vitamins and minerals, inulin and celery seed.Recommended for all dogs with low to acute food allergies, completely balanced for adult dogs or puppies.
Salmon contains essential fatty acids (EFA) that can help a dog’s cognitive and cardiovascular health, and each roll contains added bamboo fibre – an essential prebiotic fibre for improving digestion and gastrointestinal health.


Salmon is an Advanced Novel Protein that can assist dogs with low to acute allergies or illnesses such as: Dermatitis, Food Aversion, Pancreatitis, Hyperlipidaemia, Food intolerance, IBD, Diabetes and many other illnesses.


Ingredients: Salmon, Tapioca, Bamboo Fibre, Vitamins & Minerals, Inulin, Celery Seed & Salt.


Feeding Guide: 200 to 400g daily for every 10kg of dog's body weight

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