Why is "Super Food" so important?

"Super Food", the simple beginning of a healthy lifestyle.

We were instilled in childhood that eating wholesome food is the right thing to do. We are taught to know the five food groups and know how to eat each food group in the proper proportion. With the advancement of society and technology Healthy eating behavior is therefore not just about "Eat vegetables, eat grass" as we are familiar anymore. Because in this digital age Healthy eating has become a trendy lifestyle that people all want to have and share on social media. "Super Food" thoroughly in every corner

Most of the time, though, superfoods are plant-based. But this type of food is not limited to any particular category, as the foods considered to be superfoods include vegetables, whole grains, green vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and different types of fish. Highly healthy foods are often rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and phytonutrients, which help reduce the risk of developing a wide range of chronic diseases. Spinach, avocado, salmon, rich in omega-3s, or brown rice can be easily found at flea markets or supermarkets.

A small bag of brown rice is rich in many kinds of benefits that many people could not imagine. They are low cholesterol, high fiber, contain selenium, antioxidants, vitamins B3, 6 and 9.They can also help prevent chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many others.

Brown Rice
Brown Rice

However, we need to eat other foods as well, that is, chicken, beef or pork are still the main human protein sources. Many times we forget that meats are essential to our body as well. If you want to eat good meat, choose from sources that are well-fed, that is, if the animals have a good diet. Those meats will also be of good quality. And if giving bad food The quality of the meat is the same, so the secret to good meat comes from the good eating of the animals, for example the benja chicken from U Farm, which is raised by a free system. 100% antibiotics, the farm will give the chickens to eat brown rice and be raised in a hygienic environment. The chickens from this farm are NSF certified and certified without any modification of the breed.

If judged by the proverb “Keep it better than cure.” Superfoods not only cure chronic diseases, but also provide various long-term benefits to the body. Eating good quality meat affects the body in the same way, so choosing meat from a well-fed animal is one of the better alternatives to keeping than to cure. Had to eat to stay Not for eating, so make sure to choose what is best for yourself as well.

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