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CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza - 350G


A new and innovative Gyoza combining the flavors of the Japanese Gyoza and chicken nugget into one. The CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza is made from tender chicken and cabbage wrapped in a thin crispy coating. They are deep fried until becoming golden brown. Crispy on the outside, tasty and juicy on the inside, each bite is mouth-watering and delicious.


Halal certified by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT)



Deep-fry the product at 170°C for 4.00-5.00 minutes, until golden brown.



Air-fry the product at 200°C for 12.00-15.00 minutes.



Bake the product in a preheated oven at 180°C for 8.00-10.00 minutes.

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